About us

Our tradition of excellence has been established by many eminent teachers and researchers, including 11 Nobel Prize winners, such as Rutherford, Bohr, Bragg, and Blackett. Our most recent Nobel laureates are Sir Andre Geim and Sir Kostya Novoselov, who were awarded the honour in 2010 for their pioneering work on graphene.

From our discovery of the atomic nucleus by Ernest Rutherford when he was a professor here, to his first ‘artificial’ nuclear reaction which marked the beginning of nuclear physics, we are proud of our historical record of achievements in science and engineering.

Today, we remain a leading centre of research across most areas of physics, and our steady influx of new research physicists and teachers means we continue to grow and keep our courses and research at the cutting edge.

Our School by numbers

According to the most recent Academic Ranking of World Universities, we come in as the 11th best physics department in the world and 1st in Europe.

We take in around 320 new undergraduates and 70 postgraduates each year, and employ more than 80 members of academic staff and over 100 research fellows and associates.

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