Hilary Kay

Dr Hilary Kay

Dr Hilary Kay works in the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. She holds a fellowship from the Daphne Jackson Trust, funded by the Royal Astronomical Society. In 2000, she completed her PhD in stellar astrophysics at Queen's University, Belfast, before working as a PDRA at Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL, and the University of Oxford.

After having two children she worked as a Government Analyst before taking a career break. In 2012 she returned to astrophysics research with the help of a Daphne Jackson Fellowship, which is a scheme that helps researchers return to careers in Science, Engineering and Technology after a career break.

Her research includes evolved stars, cool active stars, and solar activity.

I am delighted that the University of Manchester is hosting my Daphne Jackson Fellowship. The part-time nature of the fellowship and support of my supervisor has enabled me to return to research and still maintain the flexibility I need to care for my two children.

Dr Hilary Kay

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Anna says:

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov
Andre Geim (left) and Konstantin Novoselov. Nobel Prize laureates in Physics.

"It's inspiring and exciting to work inside the framework of a huge research project like the one focusing on graphene. I'm surrounded and supported by smart, brilliant colleagues... including two Nobel prizes!"

The School of Chemistry

University of Manchester Building

Anna is based in the Chemistry Building, but since her research project involves the School of Materials, the School of Physics and the Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology, she actually has access to a vast number of different facilities.

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