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The School of Physics and Astronomy recognises that one of its key strengths is the diversity of its staff and students. Through our Equality and Diversity work, we aim to go above and beyond legislative and university requirements and celebrate this rich diversity.

The Equality Act 2010 has age as one of the ‘protected characteristics’ on the grounds of which people are protected against unfair discrimination.  All members of the University are encouraged to be alert to possible unconscious bias, and to make decisions about people against clear criteria.

Staff of all ages are encouraged to discuss their future plans and choices. There may be periods in their lives when they need particular support, such as when starting an academic career, when they have caring responsibilities for children or elderly family members, or towards the end of an extended working life.  We encourage all staff to discuss their future plans and choices with their manager and to identify any development needs.  Within the University there may be opportunities for options such as part-time working, career breaks, sideways moves to develop new skills or flexible retirement

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