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Religion and Belief

The School of Physics and Astronomy recognises that one of its key strengths is the diversity of its staff and students. Through our Equality and Diversity work, we aim to go above and beyond legislative and university requirements and celebrate this rich diversity.

The Equality and Diversity Policy provides for an inclusive environment, “free from discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation, where all members of its community are treated with respect and dignity. It aims to create a culture of diversity within its community, providing a dynamic working and learning environment, where all members are valued for their contribution and individuality.” It also provides that no student or member of staff will be treated less favourably on grounds which include religion and belief.

The Equality Act 2010 provides protection against discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of religion or belief. The definitions of religion and belief under the Equality Act 2010 are:

  • religion - any religion or reference to religion, including a reference to a lack of religion
  • belief - any religious or philosophical belief or reference to belief, including a reference to a lack of belief

Religion or belief should be taken to mean the full diversity of religious and belief affiliations within the UK, including non-religious and philosophical beliefs such as atheism, agnosticism and humanism.

Manchester is home to people of many religions and faiths, and there are places of worship for most religions across the city, as well as dedicated religious clubs and societies within our own Students’ Union.

We have staff and student network groups including Manchester Universities Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship and MECT - Muslim Staff Network Group

On campus we have two chaplaincy centres for the major Christian faiths. St. Peter's House Chaplaincy is supported by the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed churches, while Avila House and Holy Name Church provide a Roman Catholic chaplaincy.

We have two prayer rooms for Muslim students on campus and there are a number of mosques located near the University and student areas.

The city is also home to Buddhist centres, Jewish synagogues, and facilities for Sikh and Hindu worship.

See a map of sacred spaces for worship on and near our campus.


Our Accommodation Services are continuing to trail two new initiatives in response to student requests. 

Kosher Flats

We have set aside a small number of flats for Kosher use at Oak House in Fallowfield. Students living in these flats will have requested a Kosher environment and as such will be expected to adopt the appropriate lifestyle.


Lifestyle Moderated Areas

We have considered the provision of areas within Halls that can offer an alternative lifestyle to what might be considered the usual Undergraduate experience in a UK Institution. Students living in this area would have requested and be expected to adopt a moderated/reserved lifestyle in respect of alcohol, parties and noise etc. We do not envisage being able to guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol free environment but by grouping like-minded people together it is hoped we can at least provide a form of genuine alternative.

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