Equality and Diversity Committee

Professor Jian Lu
Professor Jian Lu - Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee is a key committee in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. It was set up in 2008 in order to carry out the School’s responsibilities for the University’s Equality and Diversity agenda. Its membership is comprised of individuals representing all staff roles (administrative, technical, research and academic) and students in the School. The remit of the group is to actively promote dignity, respect, inclusivity and equal treatment among staff and students and to ensure these principles are reflected and implemented in the school’s policies and procedures. This includes taking appropriate actions to fulfil the School’s responsibilities under equality and diversity legislation, including monitoring the impact of the School’s action plan to ensure all aspects of equality and diversity and inclusion are monitored and actions taken to address areas for improvement. 

The committee has the power to investigate and question any part of the School regarding E&D matters. The committee makes recommendations which are then sent to the appropriate executive part of the School (e.g. Teaching Committee, the School Board etc.) for approval.

An important part of the committee’s work is to receive a report on an annual basis from members of the School who hold key positions. The committee can then question the member of staff and make recommendations based on the report.

The committee receives annual reports at the following times:

Standing items for the
January Meeting
Standing items for the
July Meeting
Standing items for the
October Meeting
  1. Report from the Director of Undergradaute Admissions
  1. Report from the Director of Research
  2. Review E&D data for the School
  1. Report from the Director of Teaching and Learning
  2. Report from the Director of PG Education
  3. Report from the Ethics and Professional Conduct Officer
  4. Report from the Technical Services Manager and Safety Advisor

Equality and Diversity Committee Membership (2016/17)

  • Professor Jian Lu (Chair)
  • Professor Stephen Watts (Head of School)
  • Dr Mark Hughes (Senior Lecturer)
  • Sarah Mullholland (Head of School Admin.)
  • Sally Brown (Student Experience Manager)
  • Geraldine Garrabet (Student Support Officer)
  • Karen Ross (Postgraduate Taught Programmes Administrator)
  • Sabah Salih (Computer System Manager)           
  • Dr Emma Nichols (Ogden Science Officer)
  • Prof Philippa Browning (Professor)
  • Alessandra Forti (Particle Physics Research Fellow)
  • Darren Price (Particle Physics Research Fellow)
  • Dr Stefano Camera (Research Associate)
  • Rowan Smith (Research Fellow)
  • Paul Marks-Jones (by invitation)
  • Shona Garner (HR Partner) (by invitation)
  • Sarah Mohammed-Qureshi (Athena SWAN Coordinator) (by invitation)
  • Pr0f Philippa Browning (Director of PG Education) (by invitation)
  • Prof Sean Freeman (Director of UG Admissions) (by invitation)


Undergraduate Representatives

Malin Litwinski                                                                                  (malin.litwinski@student.manchester.ac.uk)

Postgraduate (Taught)  Representatives

Dana Shoukroun                                                                              (dana.shoukroun@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

Mark Smith                                                                                      (mark.smith-15@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

Postgraduate (Research)  Representatives

Sally Cooper                                                                                     (sally.cooper@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

Craig Testrow                                                                                   (craig.testrow@manchester.ac.uk)


Post Doc Representative

Dr Marina Leontiadou                                                                       (Marina.leontiadou@manchester.ac.uk)

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