Condensed Matter, Atomic and Biological Physics

The Division of Condensed Matter, Atomic and Biological Physics comprises experimental groups studying emerging phenomena in complex systems of sizes ranging from atomic to macroscopic.

External facilities

Research groups

Condensed Matter Physics 

The group’s research covers nanoscale and mesoscopic materials (graphene being a noteworthy example), metamaterials, and quantum fluids and solids.

Soft Matter: Biological Physics 

The group's research is centred on bio-interfaces, surface bio-compatibility, controlled release of plasmid DNA and effects of surface chemistries and topology on vacular cell growth and tissue structuring.

Photon Physics 

The group has a programme of research covering areas as diverse as advanced semiconductor structures for new sources of low energy lighting, the physics and chemistry of quantum dot solar cells, medical and biological uses of lasers, through to fundamental studies of atomic and molecular physics.

Soft Matter: Liquid Crystals 

The group is primarily concerned with experimental studies of the physics of liquid crystals: from self-assembly and order to pattern formation, electro-optic phenomena and device optimisation.

Physics of Fluids and Soft Matter 

Our research is primarily concerned with experimental and theoretical studies of the physics of fluid flows.

Atomic Physics 

The group studies fundamental interactions between electrons, lasers, atoms and molecules. These include electron excitation and ionization, high resolution laser photo-ionization, production and study of laser-cooled and trapped atoms, and production of ultra-high resolution electron beams for injection into future accelerators.

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