Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Colin Baines Head of Technical Services Sackville Street Building - B1 
Miss Beverly Brown National Graphene Institute Administrator/PA to NGI Management 0161-3061429 National Graphene Institute - 3.010 
Miss Catherine Duffy Executive Assistant Schuster Building 
Mrs Ann Durie MCnet Network Project Manager / EU Funding Development Manager Schuster Building - 2.51 
Miss Geraldine Garrabet Student Support Officer 0161-2754100 Schuster Building - 1.61 BRADDICK LIBRARY 
James Greenwood Visitor Ska Program Development 0161-3069606 
Miss Charlotte Griffiths Student Services Officer (student Fund) Student Services Centre - G.002 
Miss Charlotte Griffiths Student Services Officer (student Fund) Student Services Centre - G.002 
Ms Sabina Hawthornthwaite National Graphene Institute Research Project Manager 0161-2754161 National Graphene Institute 
Mrs Lisa Heywood Business Engagement Projects Officer. 0161-3068191 National Graphene Institute - 3.009 
Miss Charlotte Hooson-Sykes Executive Assistant 0161-2754137 Schuster Building - 2.11 
Mrs Sue Huzar Student Experience Officer Schuster Building 
Miss Angela Linton Division Office Coordinator 0161-2752790 Crawford House - 3rd floor 
Mr Matthew Makin Teaching and Learning Assistant 0161-2752057 John Owens Building - 2.015 
Mrs Sarah Morris Administrative Assistant 0161-3069400 Jodrell Bank 
Mrs Sarah Mulholland Head of School Administration. 0161-3064629 George Begg Building - B1 
Miss Suzanne Nightingale Undergraduate Manager Schuster Building 
Mrs Karen Rogers Undergraduate Administrator 0161-2754101 Schuster Building - 1.61 
Mrs Karen Ross Postgraduate Taught Programmes Administrator 0161-2754267 Schuster Building - 1.61 
Dr Althea Wilkinson SKA SADT Consortium Project Manager 0161-3069640 Jodrell Bank - 38 
Ms Elaine Williams Senior Admin Assistant and P A To Head Of School 0161-3069222 Schuster Building - 2.53 
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