We have years of experience of interaction and collaboration with industry on a range of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary work. Research and development collaboration is tailored to meet a company's individual requirements.

It may consist of anything from a day of consultancy to a major international collaborative partnership. Each year graduates from our degree courses move into business and industry in a range of capacities.

Industry Day 2016

Many thanks to everyone who attended our Industry Day on Friday 1st July 2016. Over 100 people attended, making the day a great opportunity for networking between business and our research teams.

If you weren't able to attend, but are interested in the opportunities for working with us, please contact the School's Technology Translation Fellow via the contact details below and request an information pack.

Your company can benefit from working with us by:
  • Participating in major collaborative research projects.
  • Sponsoring either a doctoral research student or project, or developing a specific knowledge transfer project.
  • Professional Development through training and courses.
  • Analytical services and bespoke manufacturing and repair.

For more information about ways we engage with industry please browse the sections listed below and on the left-hand menu bar. To discuss your company's specific needs, please contact the School's Technology Translation Fellow:

Dr Alick Deacon
0161 275 4084

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