Inaugural External Bragg Lecture

Prof Elspeth Garman (Oxford University): From Chocolate to Drug Discovery: the Legacy of the Braggs.

Professor Elspeth Garman

What has the art of the chocolatier got to do with drug discovery and the contribution to science of the Bragg father and son team? The linking theme is crystals, which allow us to find the three-dimensional shapes of molecules, from the small chocolate molecule to the DNA that carries our genetic information and the proteins that allow our bodies to function. Using crystallography, we can also unravel the shapes of biomolecules in our bodies that are targets for drugs against disease, and thus identify new treatments. I will explore the wonder of crystals and their uses in our lives, highlighting the huge contribution of the Braggs to the field.

Sir Lawrence Bragg was Langworthy Professor at the University of Manchester from 1919 to 1937. From 2016, the School of Physics and Astronomy will present an Annual External Bragg Lecture with an external invited speaker whose work builds on the foundations laid by Sir Lawrence Bragg. The date is chosen close to the anniversary of his birthday. The lecture is aimed at undergraduates.

The Lecture will be delivered on Wednesday 24th February at 14.30 in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre, Schuster Building 

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