Study abroad

Students on our courses have the opportunity of studying part of their course at one of several universities abroad. We have exchange partners across the world, and we encourage our students to spend time at these universities if possible.

You could spend the third year of your studies at a university in the United States, Singapore, or Australia. Recently, students have studied at the National University of Singapore, University of California, University of Sydney, the Australian National University, and the universities of Toronto and Illinois.

Since partner universities change the lecture courses on offer and the semesters in which they are available, the list of suitable destinations also changes with time.

Availability for places is competitive, and decisions are normally made in the academic year before the proposed period of study abroad.

Did you know?

Staff from our School have written the popular Manchester Physics Series; a set of 14 undergraduate textbooks published by Wiley, which have sold over a quarter of a million copies worldwide
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