New guide to equality and diversity best practice

A School of Physics academic is the author of the Higher Education Academy’s new guide to good practice in equality and diversity.

"Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum: a physical sciences practitioner’s guide", by Senior Lecturer Dr Mark Hughes, was one of five subject-specific guides released by the HEA on 21st May, appropriately on World Day For Cultural Diversity. The HEA say these resources were created because the need for universities to meet their responsibilities under the 2010 Equality Act requires "a different way of approaching learning, teaching and assessment in higher education, a way that embeds equality and diversity rather than seeing it as an add on"; their aim was "to create learning and teaching experiences and environments that enable all students to reach their potential, to feel included in their learning journeys, and to become diversity competent".

The guide looks at addressing the gender gap in the physical sciences and supporting students with disabilities, with case studies, best practice examples from Manchester and other universities, and guidance for academic staff in a range of roles.

Mark said:  "From the 2010 Equalities Act to the recent changes in DSA funding, as lecturers we should reflect on our teaching and ensure we are not putting any group of students at a disadvantage. This guide represents some of the good practice going on around the UK to ensure both equality of opportunity and celebrate the diversity of students."

As well as the physical sciences, the new guides cover Art and Design, Classics, Education and Social Work.

Download any of the equality and diversity guides from the HEA, or see more information on Embedding Equality & Diversity into the Curriculum.

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