The Bonn Physics Show - By Students for Kids, an Exciting Outreach and Education Project

Since 2002 Professor Herbi Dreiner and colleagues have been performing a new physics show every year in Bonn.

Professor Dreiner says "The special thing about our show is that it is developed and performed by Bonn university physics students. For me as a professor the primary target group are the university students. The show is addressed at kids aged 10 and older. With the experienced physics students we have developed many spin-offs: e.g. YouTube films, Science Slams, building new demo experiments. We have also developed more advanced shows in particular about particle physics. With various shows we have travelled across Germany (Berlin, DESY, Heidelberg, Deutsches Museum München) and more recently also across Europe: CERN, Oxford, London, Padua, Trieste, with plans for Copenhagen and  Beijing, China. We show a few experiments here live, as well as films of experiments. We give some tips on how to set up your own show."

The Lecture will be delivered on Wednesday 3rd February at 14.30 in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre, Schuster Building

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