Schuster Colloquium 15th February - Prof Julia Tjus

Searching for the origin of Galactic cosmic rays: The multimessenger approach

Prof Julia Tjus



High-energy cosmic rays play an important role for the ISM through heating processes and plasma instabilities that can create and govern large-scale magnetic fields. To understand their origins is essential in order to allow for a full and proper theoretical modelling of processes in the ISM.


The search for the sources of high-energy cosmic rays has made significant progress the past decade. By including multimessenger methods, the general picture of the presence of a Galactic component at low energies and an extragalactic one at the highest energies has been strengthened. Yet, unambiguous proof of the exact origins of cosmic rays is missing. In this talk, the current scientific status on Galactic cosmic rays sources from theory and experimental data is summarised. In particular, the focus of this talk lies on the search for photon, neutrino and charged cosmic ray signals from the Galaxy and their theoretical interpretation in the context of the quest for the origin of high-energy cosmic rays. The use of multiwavelength data, from radio to TeV energies, in combination with pieces of information from high-energy neutrinos as detected with IceCube, and cosmic ray data are discussed. Finally, the prospect to unambiguously identify Galactic cosmic ray sources within the next decades are presented.

Presented by Prof Julia Tjus (Ruhr Astroparticle and Plasma Physics Center, Germany)

The Lecture will be delivered on Wednesday 15th February 2017 from 14:30-16:00 in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre, Schuster Building.


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