Schuster Colloquium 4 Nov - Dr Frances Saunders, President of the Institute of Physics: The Challenges of Translating Research into Economic impact

Everyone knows that the UK is a world leader in research. The recent Research Excellence exercise (REF2014) has confirmed that many Universities continue to work at the leading edge of scientific thinking. Successive Governments have also looked at how to translate more of this enormous intellectual capital, in which they have invested, into wider benefits to the economy and to society at large. There were many good examples of economic impact from University research highlighted during REF2014, but the route to achieving exploitation of research and economic impact is often difficult, with many challenges along the way. Dr Saunders has worked at the interface between Academia and Industry throughout her career, from the early years of liquid crystal display research through setting up an IP exploitation organisation, Ploughshare Innovation Ltd, whilst at Dstl to NED roles in start up and small technology companies. This talk will set out the challenges, look at the importance of translational research and discuss some of the tools and approaches that people have used to increase the likely hood that the results of their research get used and have impact.  Dr Saunders has been President of the Institute of Physics from 2013-2015 and will also touch on what the IoP is doing to support innovation and its members involved in such activities. 

The Lecture will be delivered on Wednesday 4th November at 14.30 in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre, Schuster Building

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