Schuster Colloquium 4th Feb - Professor Sir Colin Humphreys CBE FREng FRS

How Gallium Nitride can save energy and carbon emissions, and improve exam performance! Colin Humphreys, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

The 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to three Japanese scientists for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes made from gallium nitride (GaN). This talk will describe collaborative research between Manchester and Cambridge which has built upon this Nobel Prize winning work. In particular, we have solved the mystery of why GaN LEDs are so bright when the defect density of the GaN is so high. We have also shown how to reduce substantially the cost of LEDs for lighting, and low-cost LEDs based on our technology are now being manufactured in the UK by Plessey. These low-cost LEDs should enable their widespread use, resulting in substantial savings of electricity and carbon emissions. GaN is also useful for low-energy power electronic devices as well as low-energy lighting, and GaN has the potential to save 25% of all the electricity we use. Optimised LED lighting can improve our health and even improve exam performance!

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