Accelerator, Nuclear and Particle Physics

The ANPP division brings together experimental and theoretical research into accelerator, nuclear and particle physics.

In addition to a world-class programme of research based in Manchester, members of the ANPP division have strong collaborative links to internationally recognised research facilities such as:

Research groups

Accelerator Physics

The group specialises in collimator design, cavity design, FFAG design, beam dynamics, and wakefield studies. 

Experimental Nuclear Physics

The group has a long and well established history in nuclear-physics research, starting with the pioneering experiments of Ernest Rutherford

Theoretical Nuclear Physics

The group works on topics that range from low-energy nuclear structure to the frontier where nuclear and particle physics overlap. Our current interests are focussed on "fundamental" approaches to nuclear physics, with the ultimate goal of linking it to quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the underlying theory of the strong interaction. We have particular expertise in the areas of effective field theory and in microscopic many-body theory.

Particle Physics - Experiment and Theory

The group is active in many areas of physics research, both theoretical and experimental, detector development and e-Science.

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