Research Publications

Our research publications are available from a variety of sources.

Preprints of most of our papers are available on the STFC ePubs preprints website: Manchester Accelerator Preprints

Accelerator conference proceedings may be searched at JACOW: JACOW Website


A selection of recent peer reviewed articles are indicated below:

Award Winning Publications

Pei Zhang, Beam Diagnostics in Superconducting Accelerating Cavities, Springer Theses (2013) Link 


L. Shi, N. Baboi, R.M. Jones, Stability and Resolution Studies of HOMBPMs for the 1.3 GHz Superconducting Accelerating Cavities at FLASH, Physics Procedia, Volume 77, (2015) Journal Link

O. Mete, G. Xia, K. Hanahoe, M. Dover, M. Wigram, J. Wright, J. Zhang and J. Smith, Design studies and commissioning plans for plasma acceleration research station experimental program, Phys. Plasmas 22, 103117 (2015) Journal Link

W A Bertsche, E Butler, M Charlton and N Madsen, Physics with antihydrogen, Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 48, Number 23 (2015) Journal Link

J. M. Garland, R. B. Appleby, H. Owen, and S. Tygier, Normal-conducting scaling fixed field alternating gradient accelerator for proton therapy, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 18, 094701 (2015) Journal Link

N. Chanlek, J. D. Herbert, R. M. Jones, L. B. Jones, K. J. Middleman and B. L. Militsyn, High stability of negative electron affinity gallium arsenide photocathodes activated with Cs and NF3, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 48 375102 (2015) Journal Link

B.D. Muratori, J.K. Jones, and A. Wolski, Analytical expressions for fringe fields in multipole magnets, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 18, 064001 (2015) Journal Link

O. Mete, M. Labiche, G. Xia and K. Hanahoe,GEANT4 simulations for beam emittance in a linear collider based on plasma wakefield acceleration, Phys. Plasmas 22, 083101 (2015) Journal Link

S. Tygier, R.B. Appleby, J.M. Garland, K. Hock, H. Owen, D.J. Kelliher, S.L. Sheehy, The PyZgoubi framework and the simulation of dynamic aperture in fixed-field alternating-gradient accelerators. NIMA, Volume 775 (2015) Journal Link


G. Xia, M. Harvey, A. J. Murray, L. Bellan, W. Bertsche, R. B. Appleby, O. Mete, S. Chattopadhyay, An ultracold low emittance electron source, Journal of Instrumentation (JINST) 9, P06011 (2014). Journal Link

B. C. Jiang, G. Xia, M. Z. Zhang, S. Q. Tian, and Z. T. Zhao, Transverse multibunch instabilities for two bunch trains on separated orbits, Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams 17, 040703 (2014).Journal Link

A. Aimidula, M. A. Bake, F. Wan, B.S. Xie, C.P. Welsch, G. Xia, O. Mete, M. Uesaka, Y. Matsumura, K. Koyama, Numerically optimized structures for dielectric asymmetric dual-grating laser accelerators, Physics of Plasmas 21, 023110 (2014).Journal Link

R. Assmann, R. Bingham, T. Bohl, C. Bracco, B. Buttenschoen, A. Butterworth, A. Caldwell, S. Chattopadhyay, S. Cipiccia, E. Feldbaumer, R.A. Fonseca, B. Goddard, M. Gross, O. Gruelke, E. Gschwendtner, J. Holloway, C. Huang, D. Jaroszynski, S. Jolly, P. Kempkes, N. Lopes, K. Lotov, J. Machacek, S.R. Mandry, M. Meddahi, N. Moschuering, P. Muggli, Z. Najmudin, P. A. Norreys, E. Oez, A. Pardons, A. Petrenko, A. Pukhov, K. Rieger, O. Reimann, H. Ruhl, E. Shaposhnikova, L.O. Silva, A. Sosedkin, R. Tarkeshian, R.M.G.N. Trines, T. Tueckmantel, J. Vieira, H. Vincke, M. Wing, G. Xia, Proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration: a path to the future of high-energy particle physics, in press at Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 56 084013 (2014).Journal Link

H.L. Owen, R MacKay, K Peach, S Smith.Hadron accelerators for radiotherapy, Contemp Phys 55, no. 2 (2014) Journal Link

H.L. Owen, D.J. Holder, J Alonso, R Mackay. Technologies for delivery of proton and ion beams for radiotherapy. Int J Mod Phys A 29, no. 14 (2014) Journal Link

C. Amole, W. Bertsche, et al. An experimental limit on the charge of antihydrogen, Nature Communications 5, 3955 (2014) Journal Link

N. Chanlek, J. D. Herbert, R. M. Jones, L. B. Jones, K. J. Middleman and B. L. Militsyn, The degradation of quantum efficiency in negative electron affinity GaAs photocathodes under gas exposure, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47 055110 (2014) Journal Link

Thomas Flisgen, Hans-Walter Glock, Pei Zhang, Ian R. R. Shinton, Nicoleta Baboi, Roger M. Jones and Ursula van Rienen, Scattering parameters of the 3.9 GHz accelerating module in a free-electron laser linac: A rigorous comparison between simulations and measurements, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 17, 022003 (2014) Journal Link

R.B. Appleby, D. Brett et al, Particle trajectories in a 4 rod crab cavity, NIM A, 734, A, 79-83, (2014), Journal Link

C. Amole, W. Bertsche, et al, The ALPHA antihydrogen trapping apparatus, NIM A, 735, 319-340 (2014), Journal Link


M. Bicer, R.B. Appleby et al, First Look at the TLEP Physics Case, JHEP, 1401, 104 (2013) Journal Link

R.B. Appleby, L. Thompson et al, The high luminosity interaction region for a ring–ring Large Hadron Electron Collider, J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 40 125004 (2013) Journal Link

C. Amole, W. Bertsche, et al. Autoresonant-spectrometric determination of the residual gas composition in the ALPHA experiment apparatus, Review of Scientific Instruments, 84, 065110 (2013) Journal Link

G. XiaO. Mete et al, Collider design issues based on proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration, J.NIMA.2013.11.006 (2013) Journal Link

G. Xia, D. Angal-Kalinin, O. Mete et al, A plasma wakefield acceleration experiment using CLARA beam, J.NIMA.2013.10.092 (2013) Journal Link

A. Aimidula, C.P. Welch, G. Xia, O. Mete et al, Numerical investigations into fiber laser based dielectric reverse dual-grating accelerator, J.NIMA.2013.10.083 (2013) Journal Link

I.NesmiyanR. M. Jones, N. Juntong, Implications of long-range wakefields on multi-bunch beam dynamics in the ILC with a new low surface field superconducting cavity, J.NIMA.2013.08.022 (2013)Journal Link

H.Hahn, Puneet Jain , Wencan Xu, Study of split higher order mode resonances in superconducting cavities, J.NIMA.2013.06.056 (2013) Journal Link

H.Hahn, R. Calaga, Puneet Jain , E.C. Johnson, W.Xu, HOM identification by bead pulling in the Brookhaven ERL cavity, J.NIMA.2012.12.065 (2012) Journal Link


R.B. Appleby et al, Design of an 18 MW vortex flow water beam dump for 500 GeV electrons/positrons of an international linear collider, J.NIMA.2012.01.075 (2012) Journal Link

J. L. Abelleira Fernandez, R.B. Appleby et al, A Large Hadron Electron Collider at CERN : Report on the Physics and Design Concepts for Machine and Detector, J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 39 075001 (2012)Journal Link

R.B. Appleby et al, Simulation of Machine Induced Background in the LHCb Experiment : Methodology and Implementation, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 59, 4(2012) Journal Link

P. Zhang, N. Baboi, R. M. Jones, Statistical methods for transverse beam position diagnostics with higher order modes in third harmonic 3.9 GHz superconducting accelerating cavities at flash, J.NIMA.2012.11.057 (2012) Journal Link

P. Zhang, N. Baboi, R. M. Jones and N. Eddy, Resolution study of higher-order-mode-based beam position diagnostics using custom-built electronics in strongly coupled 3.9 GHz multi-cavity accelerating module, JINST 7 P11016 (2012) Journal Link

N. Juntong, R. M. Jones, I.R. R. Shinton, Optimisation of the new low surface field accelerating structure for ILC, J.NIMA.2012.10.057 (2012) Journal Link

Pei Zhang, Nicoleta Baboi, Roger M. JonesIan R. R. Shinton, Thomas Flisgen, and Hans-Walter Glock, A study of beam position diagnostics using beam-excited dipole modes in third harmonic superconducting accelerating cavities at a free-electron laser, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 085117 (2012) Journal Link

Polepalle Satyamurthya, Pravin Raia, Vikas Tiwaria, Kiran Kulkarnia, John Amannb, Raymond G. Arnoldb, Dieter Walzb, Andrei Seryic, Tristan Davenned, Ottone Carettad, Chris Denshamd, Robert B. Appleby, Design of an 18 MW vortex flow water beam dump for 500 GeV electrons/positrons of an international linear collider, J.NIMA.2012.01.075. (2012) Journal Link

S. C. Amole, M. D. Ashkezari, M. Baquero-Ruiz, W. Bertsche, P. D. Bowe, E. Butler, A. Capra, C. L. Cesar, M. Charlton, A. Deller, P. H. Donnan, S. Eriksson, J. Fajans, T. Friesen, M. C. Fujiwara, D. R. Gill, A. Gutierrez, J. S. Hangst, W. N. Hardy, M. E. Hayden, A. J. Humphries, C. A. Isaac, S. Jonsell, L. Kurchaninov, A. Little, N. Madsen, J. T. K. McKenna, S. Menary, S. C. Napoli, P. Nolan, K. Olchanski, A. Olin, P. Pusa, C. Ø. Rasmussen, F. Robicheaux, E. Sarid, C. R. Shields, D. M. Silveira, S. Stracka, C. So, R. I. Thompson, D. P. van der Werf & J. S. Wurtele, Resonant quantum transitions in trapped antihydrogen atoms, Nature (2012) Journal Link

S. Machida, R. Barlow, J. S. Berg, N. Bliss, R. K. Buckley, J. A. Clarke, M. K. Craddock, R. D’Arcy, R. Edgecock, J. M. Garland, Y. Giboudot, P. Goudket, S. Griffiths, C. Hill, S. F. Hill, K. M. Hock, D. J. Holder, M. G. Ibison, F. Jackson, S. P. Jamison, C. Johnstone, J. K. Jones, L. B. Jones, A. Kalinin, E. Keil, D. J. Kelliher, I. W. Kirkman, S. Koscielniak, K. Marinov, N. Marks, B. Martlew, P. A. McIntosh, J. W. McKenzie, F. Méot, K. J. Middleman, A. Moss, B. D. Muratori, J. Orrett, H. L. Owen, J. Pasternak, K. J. Peach, M. W. Poole, Y-N. Rao, Y. Saveliev, D. J. Scott, S. L. Sheehy, B. J. A. Shepherd, R. Smith, S. L. Smith, D. Trbojevic, S. Tzenov, T. Weston, A. Wheelhouse, P. H. Williams, A. Wolski & T. Yokoi, Acceleration in the linear non-scaling fixed-field alternating-gradient accelerator EMMA, Nature Physics (2012) Journal Link

M. A. Fraser, F. Zocca, R. M. Jones, M.Pasini, P.A.Posocco, D.Voulot, F. Wenander, Longitudinal emittance measurements at REX-ISOLDE, J.NIMA.2011.10.014. (2012) Journal Link

F. Zocca, M.A. Fraser, E. Bravin, M. Pasini, D. Voulot, F. Wenander, Development of a silicon detector monitor for the HIE-ISOLDE superconducting upgrade of the REX-ISOLDE heavy-ion linac, J.NIMA.2011.12.089. (2012) Journal Link


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P.K. Ambattu, G. Burt, V.F. Khan, R.M. Jones, A. Dexter, V. Dolgashev, Analysis and control of wakefields in X-band crab cavities for Compact Linear Collider, J.NIMA.2011.05.060 (2011) Journal Link

A.C. Dexter, G. Burt, P.K. Ambattu, V. Dolgashev, R. Jones, CLIC crab cavity design optimisation for maximum luminosity, J.NIMA.2011.05.057 (2011) Journal Link

Roger M. Jones, Transverse wakefield suppression using cell detuning assisted by manifold damping for high gradient linear colliders, J.NIMA.2011.04.061 (2011) Journal Link

I.R.R. Shinton, G. Burt, C.J. Glasman, R.M. Jones, A. Wolski, Beam dynamic simulations of the CLIC crab cavity and implications on the BDS, J.NIMA.2011.05.059 (2011) Journal Link

Swapan Chattopadhyay, Roger M. Jones, Radiative regime of linear colliders, high repetetion rate free electron lasers and associated accelerating structures , J.NIMA.2011.05.072 (2011) Journal Link

Hywel L. Owen, Peter H. Williams, A modular path length corrector for recirculating linacs , J.NIMA.2011.09.043 (2011) Journal Link

Hywel Owen, Matthew Gill, Trevor Chambers, Steady-state neutronic analysis of converting the UK CONSORT reactor for ADS experiments , J.ANUCENE.2011.08.019 (2011) Journal Link


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