The biological physics group aims to apply techniques and ideas from physics to biological problems. Current research activities in the group are described under the following topics:


Research in this group involves studying molecular and cellular structure under conditions mimicking biological and biomedical applications and applying the latest physical techniques to access direct information at molecular and cellulat levels from various bionterfacial processes.

Biocomputing and systems biology

Discovering new ways to anaylse and interpret experimental data and relate it to the functions of life.

Biomolecular structure and dynamics

Recent research conducted in this field includes the study of water around DNA, proteins and biopolymers using various neutron sources around the world.

Intracellular particle tracking and self-assembly

We are examining a number of new microrheology methods to examine the viscoelasticity inside live cells and relate these properties to the structure and dynamics of the constituent cellular biomolecules.

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