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News stories from the Photon Physics Group
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  • New mechanism for persistent photoconductivity: paper by Dr Ben Spencer - Nov. 2013
    Frogs and Physics event: Dr Mark Dickinson - Nov. 2013
    Science Spectacular event: Dr David Binks - Nov. 2013
    University of Uzhgorod visit: Prof. George King - Oct. 2013
    Undercover Agents: Dr Mark Dickinson - Oct. 2013
    IOP Election: Dr Dave Binks - Oct. 2013
    New PhD students join Photon Physics - Sept. 2013
    Efficient MEG paper: Dr David Binks - Aug. 2013
    Life for Light event: - Aug. 2013
    FHI seminar: Prof. Wendy Flavell - July 2013
    New staff join the group: Dr Marina Leontiadou - June 2013
    Collaboration with BP ICAM: Dr Andrew Thomas - June 2013

  • Enhanced Multiple Exciton Generation in Colloidal Quantum Dots Grant Awarded: Dr - 2012
    STFC success: Dr Darren Graham - Oct. 2012

  • Accelerated Career for Photon Physicist: Dr Darren Graham - Dec. 2011
    Silicon photonic biosensors to monitor kidney dysfunction: Dr Mark Dickinson - Oct. 2011
    Nitride based structures for opto-electronic device applications: £0.5M EPSRC funding awarded to Prof Phil Dawson - Sept. 2011
    Putting sunshine in the tank - using nanotechnology to make solar fuel: Royal Society Summer Exhibition - 5-10 July 2011
    Multiple exciton generation in nanocrystal quantum dots: front cover article in 'Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.' by Dr David Binks - July 2011
    From synchrotrons to free electron lasers: George King gives lecture series at Technical University of Gdansk, Poland - Feb. 2011

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