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Musa Cadirci
Musa Cadirci

The most imperative reasons that fascinated me to choose to study at the Photon Science Institute (PSI) were the reputation of the University and diversity of the city.

After finishing my MSc, I decided to pursue my academic career by studying for a PhD in 3rd generation solar cells for which the PSI has first class facilities and offers me the chance to compete with world leading research groups in the field.

Manchester itself is a great city in which there is so many striking things to do, such as shopping at giant shopping centres, visiting nature parks, tasting foods from all parts of the world, and watching football in the stadiums of two world leading clubs.

Sarah Jhumka
Sarah Jhumka

I arrived in Manchester in 2005 and have been a student at the University for seven years. After studying for an undergraduate degree in Physics, I went on to do a PhD in Atomic Physics. Since joining the PSI to study for the PhD, I have been able to benefit from its world class leading research facilities. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with researchers from other exciting fields of science.

Coming from the small island of Mauritius, my fear was that moving to Manchester would represent too big a leap for me. However, seven years down the line the city feels to me like a second home. As a vibrant and young cosmopolitan city, Manchester has attractions for people of every race and culture. Its cultural agenda remains rich with events ranging from music and art festivals to food events; the social atmosphere surrounding the city and the many venues for nightlife justify Manchester's reputation as one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Matthew Cliffe
Matthew Cliffe

After completing my BSc in Physics I moved to Manchester to study for a taught MSc in Photon Science, with the aim of progressing onto a PhD within the PSI. For me, photonics and lasers seamed the perfect area in which to do further study, as it is an ever progressing field which has exciting possibilities. The University of Manchester’s reputation within the field, the facilities on offer and the friendly staff were all big factors in attracting me to the University.

I am currently a few months into my PhD and so far it is going great. My PhD is based on interacting laser generated terahertz radiation with electron bunches within accelerators. As well as working at the PSI in Manchester, my project has enabled me to work at the STFC Daresbury laboratory situated around 30 minutes away. This has given me a good insight into how physics is conducted both inside and outside of a University, and given me day to day access to amazing facilities such as accelerators and high power lasers.

For me, Manchester has proved itself to be a wonderful place to study, the city is lively and the people are friendly. My supervisors and fellow students always have the time to discus and demonstrate new ideas. Manchester has the attitude and atmosphere that enables a relaxed environment in which work and results come naturally.

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