Research impact

Physics research at Manchester is about more than citations in academic papers.

Our aim is to apply our expertise in order to find solutions to the great challenges society faces. We strive to shape the international agenda in collaboration with our partners in industry, government and academia.

Discover just some of the impact our research has in the real world:

Royal Society exhibitions explain our discoveries to thousands

The annual Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition has showcased research from The University of Manchester on eight occasions in six successive years. 

Royal Society exhibition case study

Graphene: first ‘wonder material’ products hit the market

Graphene was isolated and characterised in 2004. Now the first graphene products have hit the market and already generated millions of dollars in sales.

Graphene case study

New laser spin-out companies

Our pioneering laser research has led to two spin out companies - Lynton Lasers and Laser Quantum - who together turnover more than £17 million every year.

Laser spin-out company case study

Jodrell Bank’s public engagement programme

Jodrell Bank harnesses the innate public interest in astronomy to create jobs, boost local economy and introduce 150,000 visitors each year to its science.

Jodrell Bank case study

Charged Particle Software improves designs for electron microscopes

Our researchers have developed software which is now the gold standard for modelling optics in electron microscopes. 

CPO software case study

‘The Brian Cox effect’ rejuvenates physics in Britain

Professor Brian Cox promotes physics in popular culture and the ‘Brian Cox effect’ has been credited with increasing university physics applications by 52%.

'The Brian Cox effect' case study

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