Nano Masterclass 2016

This is a new one-day masterclass for sixth form students and their teachers, based around the latest research in nanomaterials – such as graphene, only one atom layer thick but hundreds of times stronger than steel.

The Nano Masterclass is run at the University of Manchester by practising researchers from our Graphene NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral Training. This event is primarily intended for those students taking modules which include physics and chemistry at 'A' or 'AS' level, but is also open to any physics student or teacher interested in studying or teaching the subject. The Masterclass will consist of a mixture of hands-on practical sessions and talks given by researchers in the Graphene NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral Training, including a talk by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Kostya Novoselov.

This year's Masterclass was held in March in the Schuster Building (University of Manchester Oxford Road Campus). See the programme here. Information on the 2017 masterclass will be added here when available.

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