Biological Physics

Public Engagement Activities

The Biological Physics group apply physics to a whole host of different biological problems, with direct applications to everyday life. The group enjoy communicating the importance of their work to the public and this has led to some very interesting outreach activities.

For further information, or to suggest a project that you would like us to become involved in please contact us.

Forthcoming events

Pop down to Manchester Science Festival on 25th October 2014 and visit a ‘Heart to Heart Talk.’ Talk to scientists about their research into the heart and even get the chance to measure yours!

Dr Sanjay Kharche’s Heart to Heart Talk

Dr Sanjay Kharche’s ‘A Heart to Heart Talk’, first in exhibited in 2010 in the Museum of Science and Industry, is to be revisited as part of Manchester Science Festival.

Dr Kharche, with support from the Physiological Society, created this exhibited in order to leave visitors with a glimpse into current research and clinical practice related to the heart. A highlight of 2010's exhibit was an oximeter activity where visitors measured their heart rates; this year a circuit has been commissioned that will replicate an ECG heartbeat monitor and make this activity even more interactive. Wonderfully successful in 2010 and visited by over 1500 people, Dr Kharche is eager inspire even more people this year.

This year’s exhibit will be held on 25th October 2014 at Manchester Museum and is set to be even better than the last. 

Widening Participation Fellow

For the past two years, Craig Testrow, a PHD Biophysicist, has been the Widening Participation Fellow for the Physics Department here at the University of Manchester. Through this role, Craig has run numerous workshops, stalls and school visits. This year, he hopes to develop a workshop based on his own research.

Due to all the effort Craig has put into this role, the School of Physics and Astronomy has awarded him the first Alan Greenwood Prize for encouraging equality and diversity in physics. An example of his work which was taken into consideration during the award process was the Girls into Physics workshop that he designed and piloted in 2014. The event was a success and will be running again next year.

To find out more about the events widening participation run, click here.

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