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Name Role Tel Location Email
Adeniran, Ismail Dr Visitor 
Anderson, Mike Mr Site Manager and Safety Advisor Jodrell Bank 
Appleby, Robert Dr Reader Schuster Building 
Apsimon, Oznur Dr Research Associate 
Argo, Megan Miss Visitor Alan Turing Building 
Asif, Mirza Dr Telescope Array Controller 
Avison, Adam Dr Research Associate 0161-2754138 Alan Turing Building - 3.136C 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Baines, Colin Mr Head of Technical Services Sackville Street Building - B1 
Bartle, James Mr Telescope Technician 
Battye, Richard Prof Professor of Cosmology & JBCA Associate Director (Science) 0161-2754185 Alan Turing Building - 3.107 
Beeson, Saul Mr Mechanical Services Technician 0161-3062427 Schuster Building 
Bendo, George Dr Research Associate 0161-2754258 Alan Turing Building - 3.136D 
Bentley, Michael Dr Electronic Engineer 
Bertsche, William Dr Lecturer Schuster Building - 7.13 
Beswick, Robert Dr Research Fellow - e-MERLIN/VLBI National facility 0161-50483/69400/69412 Alan Turing Building - 3.209 
Billowes, Jonathan Prof Professor of nuclear physics Schuster Building 
Binks, David Dr Reader in Laser Physics Alan Turing Building 
Birse, Michael Prof Professor of Theoretical Physics 0161-2754206 Schuster Building 
Bishop, Raymond Prof Distinguished Emeritus Research Professor of Theoretical Physics Schuster Building - 7.1 
Blackburn, Tony Mr Receiver & Fibre Optic Technician Jodrell Bank 
Blackhurst, Edward Mr Receiver Technician 
Blake, Peter Dr Research Associate Information Technology - IT109 
Bonaldi, Anna Dr Visitor 
Breton, Rene Dr Reader in Astrophysics 0161-2754195 Alan Turing Building - 3.119 
Bridle, Sarah Prof Professor of Astrophysics Schuster Building - 3A.11 
Brown, Beverly Miss National Graphene Institute Administrator/PA to NGI Management 0161-3061429 National Graphene Institute - 3.007 
Brown, Michael Prof Professor of Astrophysics 0161-3063913 Alan Turing Building - 3.123 
Browne, Ian Prof Emeritus Professor of Radio Astronomy Alan Turing Building 
Browning, Philippa Prof Professor of Astrophysics 0161-3063912 Alan Turing Building - 3.113 THIRD FLOOR 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Campbell, Paul Dr Lecturer Schuster Building 
Chluba, Jens Dr Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3062765 Alan Turing Building - 3.213 
Clarke, David Dr Telescope Technician 
Clarke, Phillip Mr Telescope Workshop Supervisor. 
Coffey, Paul Dr Research Associate The Mill 
Comber, Ray Mr Electrical Engineer 
Coram, Martin Mr Laboratory Manager Schuster Building 
Cullen, David Dr Reader Schuster Building 
Cullen, Jimmy Mr Research Associate Jodrell Bank - JODRELL BANK OBSERVATORY 
Cunane, Peter Mr 3rd Floor Teaching Lab Technician Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Da Via, Cinzia Prof Professor of Physics 0161-3065339 Schuster Building - 3A.12 
Dasgupta, Mrinal Dr Senior Lecturer Schuster Building 
Dawson, Philip Prof Professor 0161-3063183 Alan Turing Building - 3.323 
Deacon, Alick Dr Technology Translation Fellow 0161-2754084 Schuster Building 
Diamond, Philip Prof SKA Director-General Jodrell Bank 
Dickinson, Clive Prof Professor of Astrophysics 0161-2754232 Alan Turing Building - 3.126 
Dickinson, Mark Dr Reader Alan Turing Building 
Dickson, Robert Dr IT Associate 0161-54230 69426 Alan Turing Building - 3.129 
Dierking, Ingo Dr Senior Lecturer Schuster Building 
Duffy, Catherine Miss .Executive Assistant. Schuster Building 
Durie, Ann Mrs MCnet Network Project Manager / EU Funding Development Manager Schuster Building - 2.51 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Edgley, John Mr RF Group Supervisor 0161-3069425 Jodrell Bank 
Elvin, Andrew Mr Technician 0161-3066478 Schuster Building - 5.13 
Etoka, Sandra Dr Research Associate Alan Turing Building 
Evans, Justin Dr Senior Lecturer in Particle Physics 0161-3068704 Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Falko, Vladimir Prof Director of National Graphene Institute 0161-3061459 National Graphene Institute 
Fearnley, Jamie Mr Research Technician Schuster Building 
Flanagan, Kieran Dr Reader Schuster Building 
Flavell, Wendy Prof Professor & Assistant Vice Dean for Research 0161-3064466 Alan Turing Building - 2.324 
Forshaw, Jeffrey Prof Professor of Particle Physics Schuster Building 
Forti, Alessandra Dr Research Fellow 0161-2754227 Schuster Building - 6.29 
Frank, Robert Mr Research Associate Schuster Building 
Freeman, Sean Prof Head of School. 0161-3069222 Schuster Building - 2.53 
Freestone, Julian Dr Experimental Officer Schuster Building 
Fuller, Gary Prof Professor of Astrophysics Alan Turing Building 
Fumagalli, Laura Dr Lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics 0161-2754053 Schuster Building - 3A.09 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Galla, Tobias Dr Reader Schuster Building 
Galtress, Adrian Mr Draughtsperson 
Garrabet, Geraldine Miss Student Support Officer 0161-2754100 Schuster Building - 1.61 BRADDICK LIBRARY 
Garrington, Simon Prof Associate Director JBCA (Jodrell Bank Observatory) Alan Turing Building 
Gersabeck, Marco Dr Lecturer 0161-3066466 Schuster Building 
Godfrey, Michael Dr Lecturer Schuster Building 
Golov, Andrei Prof Professor of Condensed Matter Physics 0161-2754068 Schuster Building - 2-13 
Gorbachev, Roman Dr Royal Society University Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Gordovskyy, Mykola Dr Research Associate in Solar Plasmas Alan Turing Building 
Graham, Darren Dr Lecturer in Physics 0161-3063968 Alan Turing Building - 3.317 
Grainge, Keith Prof Professor of Astrophysics; Associate Director (SKA) of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Alan Turing Building 
Gray, Malcolm Dr Senior Lecturer Alan Turing Building 
Greenwood, James Visitor Ska Program Development 0161-3069606 
Griffiths, Charlotte Miss Student Services Officer (student Fund) Student Services Centre - G.002 
Grigorenko, Alexander Prof Professor of Physics Schuster Building 
Grigorieva, Irina Prof Professor of Physics Schuster Building 
Gunn, Alastair Dr National Facility Support 0161-3069475 Jodrell Bank - 104 
Guzowski, Pawel Dr Marie Curie Global Fellow Schuster Building - 512 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Hancock, Beverley Mrs Computer Assistant 
Hardman, Samantha Dr Senior Experimental Officer John Garside Building 
Harrison, Paul Dr eMERLIN Jodrell Bank - Library Annex 
Harvey, Matthew Dr Research Associate Alan Turing Building - 2.320 
Hawthornthwaite, Sabina Ms National Graphene Institute Research Project Manager 0161-2754161 National Graphene Institute 
Heywood, Lisa Mrs Business Engagement Projects Officer. 0161-3068191 National Graphene Institute - 3.009 
Hickman, Carl Mr Teaching Laboratory Technician Schuster Building 
Holder, David Dr Visitor 
Holloway, Anthony Dr JBCA & JBO Head of Computing Alan Turing Building 
Hooson-Sykes, Charlotte Miss Executive Assistant 0161-2754137 Schuster Building - 2.11 
Howson, Andrew Mr Telescope Array Controller 01477-3069448 Jodrell Bank - Control Room 
Hughes, Mark Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2754559 Schuster Building - 3.51 
Hughes-Jones, Richard Dr Senior Experimental Officer 
Huzar, Sue Mrs Student Experience Officer Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Jackson, Neal Dr Reader 0161-2754080 Alan Turing Building - 3.117 
Jaradat, Shaden Dr Research Strategy Coordinator Sackville Street Building 
Jones, Roger Prof Professor Particle Accelerator Physics 0161-3066468 Schuster Building 
Jordan, Christine Dr Casual Software Engineer 0161-3069443 Jodrell Bank - 999 
Juel, Anne Prof Professor 0161-2754071 Schuster Building - G.08 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Karagiorgi, Georgia Dr Visitor Schuster Building 
Kay, Scott Dr Reader 0161-2754166 Alan Turing Building - 3.116 
Keith, Michael Dr Lecturer in Astrophysics 0161-2754063 Alan Turing Building - 3.217 
Kerins, Eamonn Dr Lecturer Alan Turing Building 
King, George Prof Emeritus Professor of Physics. Alan Turing Building 
Kramer, Michael Prof Professor of Astrophysics Alan Turing Building 
Kretinin, Andrey Dr Lecturer in Materials Physics National Graphene Institute - 1.003B 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Lafferty, George Prof Emeritus Professor Schuster Building 
Leahy, Patrick Dr Senior Lecturer in Radio Astronomy Alan Turing Building 
Li, Jichen Dr Lecturer Schuster Building 
Linton, Angela Miss Division Office Coordinator 0161-2752790 Crawford House - 3.017 
Lloyd, Myfanwy Dr Senior Lecturer [P/T] Alan Turing Building 
Loebinger, Fred Prof Emeritus Professor 0161-2754170 Schuster Building 
Lu, Jian Prof Professor 0161-3063926 Schuster Building 
Lyne, Andrew Prof Emeritus Professor 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Makin, Matthew Mr Teaching and Learning Assistant 0161-2752057 John Owens Building - 2.015 
Mance, Kim Mr Telescope Array Controller 
Manfield, Ian Mr Telescope Array Controller 
Manning, Frank Mr Electrical Supervisor 0161-3069404 
Mao, Shude Prof Professor of Astrophysics 
Markwick, Andrew Dr Lecturer Schuster Building 
Marshall, Jason Mr Senior Cryogenic Technician 0161-3069458 Jodrell Bank 
Marshall, Robin Prof Emeritus Professor Professor Of Physics & Biology Schuster Building - 5.01 
McGovern, Judith Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2754176 Schuster Building 
McKane, Alan Prof Professor of Theoretical Physics 
Mcdonald, Iain Dr Research Associate Alan Turing Building 
Mcnab, Andrew Dr Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Melhuish, Simon Dr RF Engineer 0161-2754121 Alan Turing Building 
Mishchenko, Artem Dr Senior Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Mitchell, Peter Dr Senior Lecturer - Condensed Matter Physics 0161-2754069 Schuster Building 
Moore, Michael Prof Emeritus Professor Of Theoretical Physics 0161-2754209 Schuster Building - 7.20 
Morris, Neil Mr Technician Schuster Building 
Morris, Sarah Mrs Administrative Assistant 0161-3069400 Jodrell Bank 
Mulholland, Sarah Mrs Head of School Administration. 0161-3064629 George Begg Building - B1 
Mullin, Thomas Prof Emeritus Professor Schuster Building 
Murray, Andrew Prof Professor of Atomic Physics 0161-2754139 Alan Turing Building - 2.321 
Musgrave, Micheal Mr Stores Assistant Schuster Building 
Muxlow, Thomas Dr e-Merlin Staff Astronomer & Manager of the ALMA UK Regional Centre Alan Turing Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Nazir, Ahsan Dr Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow 0161-2751014 Schuster Building - 7.29 
Nichols, Emma Dr Public Engagement Manager 0161-3068744 Schuster Building - G54 
Nightingale, Suzanne Miss Undergraduate Manager Schuster Building 
Novoselov, Konstantin Pr sir Professor of Physics 0161-2754119 Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
O'Brien, Tim Prof Professor of Astrophysics, Associate Director Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics 0161-3069400 Alan Turing Building 
Oh, Alexander Dr Reader 
Owen, Hywel Dr Lecturer in Accelerator Physics 0161-2754150 Schuster Building - 7.08 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Parkes, Christopher Prof Professor 0161-2754113 Schuster Building - 6.09 
Parkinson, Patrick Dr Lecturer in Photonic Materials 0161-2751023 Alan Turing Building - 2.313 
Parry, Leslie Mr Servo Technician 
Peel, Michael Dr Visitor Alan Turing Building 
Perry, Mike Electronics Engineer Schuster Building 
Peters, Yvonne Dr Reader Schuster Building - 5.09 
Piccirillo, Lucio Prof Professor Of Radioastronomy Technology 0161-2754194 Alan Turing Building - 3.222 
Pihler-Puzovic, Draga Dr Lecturer in Nonlinear Dynamics Schuster Building 
Pilaftsis, Apostolos Prof Professor of Particle Physics Schuster Building 
Pilkington, Andrew Dr Senior Research Fellow 0161-2754178 Schuster Building - 6.12 
Price, Darren Dr STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Raveendran nair, Rahul Prof Professor of Materials Physics/Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3066574 The Mill - C11A 
Remazeilles, Mathieu Dr Research Associate 0161-2754142 Alan Turing Building - 3.204 
Richards, Anita M S Dr UK ALMA Region Centre Node 0161-2754243 Alan Turing Building - 3.136A 
Roberts, John Dr Nuclear Fellow 07795-2754312 Schuster Building - 4.07 
Roberts, Mark Mr Telescope Controller Jodrell Bank 
Robinson, Andrew Dr Honorary Lecturer 
Rogers, Karen Mrs Undergraduate Administrator 0161-2754101 Schuster Building - 1.61 
Ross, Karen Mrs Postgraduate Taught Programmes Administrator 0161-2754267 Schuster Building - 1.61 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Salih, Sabah Mr Computer System Manager Schuster Building 
Scaife, Anna Prof Reader in Astrophysics; Head, Interferometry Centre of Excellence 0161-3065015 Schuster Building - 3A.05 
Schilizzi, Richard Prof Emeritus Professor Alan Turing Building 
Schirrmann, Kerstin Dr Daphne Jackson Fellow 
Sellers, Mark Mr Research Technician Schuster Building 
Seymour, Michael Prof Professor of Particle Physics 0161-3066480 Schuster Building - 6.10 
Sharp, David Dr Post Doctoral Research Associate 0161-3063927 Schuster Building - 4.10 
Smith, Andrew Mr Design Engineer Schuster Building - DESIGN OFFICE 
Smith, Gavin Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2754156 Schuster Building 
Soldner-Rembold, Stefan Prof Professor of Particle Physics 0161-2754151 Schuster Building - 6.07 
Spencer, Ben Dr Experimental Officer in Surface Analysis The Mill 
Spencer, Ralph Prof Professor Emeritus Jodrell Bank 
Stappers, Benjamin Prof Professor of Astrophysics Alan Turing Building 
Strashnov, Ilya Dr Head of Mass-Spectrometry and Optical Facilities 0161-2754599 Chemistry Building - GE-003 
Stubbs, Matthew Mr Electrical Technician 0161-3069404 Jodrell Bank 
Szelc, Andrzej Dr Royal Society University Research Fellow Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Tygier, Samuel Mr Research Associate Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Vekstein, Grigory Dr Honorary Senior Research Fellow Alan Turing Building 
Vera Marun, Ivan Dr Lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics 0161-3062532 Schuster Building - 2.14 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Waigh, Thomas Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-3068881 Schuster Building - 3.9 
Walet, Niels Prof Professor 0161-3063693 Schuster Building - 7.07 
Walmsley, Paul Dr Lecturer 0161-2754248 Schuster Building - G1 
Wardle, Alan Mr Technician/Deputy Safety Advisor Schuster Building 
Watson, Robert Dr Research Fellow Alan Turing Building 
Watts, Stephen Prof Staff 0161-3065343 Schuster Building 
Weltevrede, Patrick Dr Lecturer In Pulsar Astrophysics, 4th year physics tutor and programme director of Physics with Astrophysics 0161-2754162 Alan Turing Building - 3.210 
Whitaker, Richard Dr Electronics Design Engineer 
Wilkinson, Althea Dr SKA SADT Consortium Project Manager 0161-3069640 Jodrell Bank - 38 
Wilkinson, Peter Prof Associate Director (jbo) Alan Turing Building 
Williams, Elaine Ms Senior Admin Assistant and P A To Head Of School 0161-3069222 Schuster Building - 2.53 
Wyatt, Terry Prof Professor, FRS 0161-2754173 Schuster Building - 6.22 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Xia, Guoxing Dr Lecturer 0161-3066569 Schuster Building - 7.11 
Xian, Yang Dr Lecturer Schuster Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Zhang, Henggui Prof Professor of Biological Physics 0161-3063966 Schuster Building 
Zijlstra, Albert Prof Professor of Astrophysics 0161-3063925 Alan Turing Building - 3.112 
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