Staff - Research

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Alick Deacon Technology Translation Fellow 0161-2754084 Schuster Building 
Dr Samantha Hardman Senior Experimental Officer John Garside Building 
Dr Ismail Adeniran Visitor 
Dr Adam Avison Research Associate 0161-2754138 Alan Turing Building - 3.136C 
Dr George Bendo Research Associate 0161-2754258 Alan Turing Building - 3.136D 
Dr Robert Beswick Research Fellow - e-MERLIN/VLBI National facility 0161-50483/69400/69412 Alan Turing Building - 3.209 
Dr Peter Blake Research Associate Information Technology - IT109 
Dr Anna Bonaldi Visitor 
Dr Paul Coffey Research Associate The Mill 
Mr Jimmy Cullen Research Associate Jodrell Bank - JODRELL BANK OBSERVATORY 
Dr Sandra Etoka Research Associate Alan Turing Building 
Dr Kieran Flanagan Reader Schuster Building 
Dr Alessandra Forti Research Fellow 0161-2754227 Schuster Building - 6.29 
Mr Robert Frank Research Associate Schuster Building 
Dr Marco Gersabeck Lecturer 0161-3066466 Schuster Building 
Dr Roman Gorbachev Royal Society University Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Dr Mykola Gordovskyy Research Associate in Solar Plasmas Alan Turing Building 
Dr Darren Graham Lecturer in Physics 0161-3063968 Alan Turing Building - 3.317 
Dr Pawel Guzowski Research Associate Schuster Building - 512 
Dr Matthew Harvey Research Associate Alan Turing Building - 2.320 
Dr Richard Hughes-Jones Senior Experimental Officer 
Dr David Holder Visitor 
Dr Shaden Jaradat International Officer Rutherford Building 
Dr Andrey Kretinin Lecturer in Materials Physics National Graphene Institute - 1.003B 
Dr Iain Mcdonald Research Associate Alan Turing Building 
Dr Andrew Mcnab Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Dr Simon Melhuish RF Engineer 0161-2754121 Alan Turing Building 
Dr Oznur Apsimon Research Associate 
Dr Artem Mishchenko EPSRC Research Fellow Schuster Building 
Dr Alexander Oh Reader 
Dr Fang Pan Research Associate 
Dr Michael Peel Visitor Alan Turing Building 
Dr Andrew Pilkington Senior Research Fellow 0161-2754178 Schuster Building - 6.12 
Dr Mathieu Remazeilles Research Associate 0161-2754142 Alan Turing Building - 3.204 
Dr Anita M S Richards UK ALMA Region Centre Node 0161-2754243 Alan Turing Building - 3.136A 
Dr Andrew Robinson Honorary Lecturer 
Dr David Sharp Post Doctoral Research Associate 0161-3063927 Schuster Building - 4.10 
Dr Ben Spencer Experimental Officer in Surface Analysis The Mill 
Dr Ilya Strashnov Head of Mass-Spectrometry and Optical Facilities 0161-2754599 Chemistry Building - GE-003 
Mr Samuel Tygier Research Associate Schuster Building 
Dr Paul Walmsley Lecturer 0161-2754248 Schuster Building - G1 
Dr Robert Watson Research Fellow Alan Turing Building 
Dr Althea Wilkinson SKA SADT Consortium Project Manager 0161-3069640 Jodrell Bank - 38 
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