Staff - Technical support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Mike Anderson Site Manager and Safety Advisor Jodrell Bank 
Dr Mirza Asif Telescope Array Controller 
Mr James Bartle Telescope Technician 
Mr Saul Beeson Mechanical Services Technician 0161-3062427 Schuster Building 
Dr Michael Bentley Electronic Engineer 
Mr Tony Blackburn Receiver & Fibre Optic Technician Jodrell Bank 
Mr Edward Blackhurst Receiver Technician 
Mr Phillip Clarke Telescope Workshop Supervisor. 
Dr David Clarke Telescope Technician 
Mr Ray Comber Electrical Engineer 
Mr Martin Coram Laboratory Manager Schuster Building 
Mr Peter Cunane 3rd Floor Teaching Lab Technician Schuster Building 
Dr Robert Dickson IT Associate 0161-54230 69426 Alan Turing Building - 3.129 
Mr John Edgley RF Group Supervisor 0161-3069425 Jodrell Bank 
Mr Andrew Elvin Technician 0161-3066478 Schuster Building - 5.13 
Mr Jamie Fearnley Research Technician Schuster Building 
Dr Julian Freestone Experimental Officer Schuster Building 
Mr Adrian Galtress Draughtsperson 
Dr Alastair Gunn National Facility Support 0161-3069475 Jodrell Bank - 104 
Mrs Beverley Hancock Computer Assistant 
Dr Paul Harrison eMERLIN Jodrell Bank - Library Annex 
Mr Carl Hickman Teaching Laboratory Technician Schuster Building 
Dr Anthony Holloway JBCA & JBO Head of Computing Alan Turing Building 
Mr Andrew Howson Telescope Array Controller 01477-3069448 Jodrell Bank - Control Room 
Dr Christine Jordan Casual Software Engineer 0161-3069443 Jodrell Bank - 999 
Mr Kim Mance Telescope Array Controller 
Mr Ian Manfield Telescope Array Controller 
Mr Frank Manning Electrical Supervisor 0161-3069404 
Mr Jason Marshall Senior Cryogenic Technician 0161-3069458 Jodrell Bank 
Dr Simon Melhuish RF Engineer 0161-2754121 Alan Turing Building 
Mr Neil Morris Technician Schuster Building 
Mr Micheal Musgrave Stores Assistant Schuster Building 
Mr Leslie Parry Servo Technician 
Mike Perry Electronics Engineer Schuster Building 
Mr Mark Roberts Telescope Controller Jodrell Bank 
Dr John Roberts Nuclear Fellow 07795-2754312 Schuster Building - 4.07 
Mr Sabah Salih Computer System Manager Schuster Building 
Mr Mark Sellers Research Technician Schuster Building 
Mr Andrew Smith Design Engineer Schuster Building - DESIGN OFFICE 
Mr Matthew Stubbs Electrical Technician 0161-3069404 Jodrell Bank 
Mr Alan Wardle Technician/Deputy Safety Advisor Schuster Building 
Dr Richard Whitaker Electronics Design Engineer 
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