Shaun Geaney

Dedicate a small chunk of time every day, whether it is just half an hour or so, just to read over some course material to keep yourself familiar with the content. It will be less of a shock to you come exam time!

Choosing Manchester

Manchester appealed to me from the open day because of how friendly it was, and the emphasis it had on genuine laboratory work. This was appealing because I would actually be empirically studying the concepts that I would be learning about in lectures.
My first impression of the university was that it invested a lot in its students, as everything during the open days and welcome week was designed with the student at the focus.
Being from Greater Manchester originally, I already knew how great the city itself was. I was excited to be finally living here after visiting so many times!

About the course

What I enjoy most on my course currently is my Masters project. It is how I imagined actual science to be done in the lab, mainly because it is! It’s a genuine small research problem where the answer is not necessarily known, so research is necessary to find a solution.
I have gained a lot of mathematical abilities and practical experience through laboratory work in Manchester’s Physics department.

Student life

Manchester is such a diverse city that there is a plethora of different ways to enjoy yourself when you aren’t studying. Being in Manchester means that I am never bored or uninspired!

Thinking of choosing physics at Manchester?

At A-level, I really enjoyed my maths and physics courses. I ultimately chose physics because I would essentially be getting the best of both sides; learning new complicated maths whilst still applying it to physical problems.

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