Condensed Matter Physics

Manchester leads the world in studying the properties and uses of graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms. New results concerning the structure of two-dimensional solids, the strange electronic properties, and the potential for applications in electronics, devices, and the simulation of highly relativistic particles, have all come to light here.

The National Graphene Institute opened in 2015 will assist and encourage the research and development of commercial applications of graphene and related materials.

Also with condensed matter, there are experimental programmes specialising in ultra-low temperature physics, especially super fluid 3He and 4He, including the study of quantum turbulance and so-called 'super solids'.

There is also a strong interest in meta-materials, or materials with a negative refractive index, and we have developed some of these using advanced methods of mesoscopic physics.

For a list of the current projects offered for PhD postgraduate study, please take a look at the Project Booklet 2017/18

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