PhD in Physics of Fluids and Soft Matter

The Physics of Fluids and Soft Matter Group provides a lively interdisciplinary research environment with a strong track record in publication and collaboration.

Our research is primarily concerned with experimental and theoretical studies of the physics of fluid flows. The length scales range from the microscopic, where the focus is on self-assembly and order, to macroscopic nonlinear effects such as chaos, turbulence and pattern formation. The experimental work is closely linked with theory in the School of Mathematics through the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics.

For a list of the current projects offered for PhD postgraduate study, please take a look at the Project Booklet 2017/18

Current topics of research include:

  • Transition to turbulence in pipe flows
  • Complexity and clustering in particulate flows
  • Pattern formation and stress transmission in granular materials
  • Bifurcations and instabilities in nonlinear elasticity
  • Transient Dynamics in rotating flows
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