Particle Physics

The Particle Physics Group covers the full spectrum of research; from detector R&D through involvement in major international experiments to theoretical modelling and cosmology.

We are world leaders in the field of silicon and diamond 3D detectors which will be used in upgrades to the LHC experiments. Our major experimental involvement covers work on the LHC, through the ATLAS and LHCb experiments, and neutrino experiments based in Europe, the US and Antarctica.

Our theorists are involved in all areas of phenomenology and Beyond the Standard Model Physics. PhD projects are normally available in all the areas of research that the group covers.

For a list of the current projects offered for PhD and MSc postgraduate study, please take a look at the Project Booklet 2017/18


Did you know?

Our Particle Physics research group has more than 100 members, and is active in many areas of theoretical and experimental physics research, Detector Development, and e-Science
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