Mathematics and Physics (4 years) [MMath&Phys]

Run jointly by ourselves and the School of Mathematics, this degree is designed for students who wish to study both mathematics and physics to an advanced level.

The course content is closely linked to straight honours degrees in both subjects, and transfer to either of these courses is possible at the start of your second year.

Course structure

The first two years provide you with a firm foundation in the most fundamental aspects of degree-level mathematics and physics. This allows you to choose from a wide range of advanced options in your third and, where appropriate, fourth years.

In your first two years, you undertake half as much physics laboratory work as Honours Physics students, and in your third and fourth years, laboratory work is optional, and project work in mathematics, physics, and computing is available.

The course workload is divided equally between the two subjects, and in your first year you will take core units from both subjects. Your second year is divided approximately 80:20 between core course units and options, while optional units are more heavily weighted in your third year.

You must complete two projects in your fourth year, one in each subject. The rest of the year is made up of options, which can include some third-year units that you have not already taken. A number of more advanced optional units are slso available from the research areas covered by each School.

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