Physics with Philosophy (4 years) [MPhys]

This course offers a solid grounding in all aspects of physics, both theoretical and experimental. However, a substantial amount of laboratory work is replaced by lecture courses and project work in philosophy.

The areas of philosophy you will explore in most detail are those relevant to the overlap with physics; namely the nature of scientific knowledge and the status of science as a means of achieving understanding.

This degree also promotes areas of physics that complement the option stream in philosophy. For example, the physics unit Physics and Reality discusses issues such as the nature of space and time and the implications of quantum mechanics for determinism, and the nature of cause and effect. This is a core course unit for students on this course.

Course structure

Students on this course take the same core physics units as the Honours Physics students, and follow the philosophy option stream; transfer to Honours Physics is possible at the beginning of any academic year.

Physics with Philosophy students have the same level of tutorial support as Honours Physics students, and additionally participate in seminar groups with a staff member from the Centre of Philosophy, for each philosophy unit.

You will undertake about half the amount of laboratory work as Honours Physics students, and the philosophy-based units make up about 30% of your total study time.

In your fourth year, you will have a substantial amount of project work in both subjects, in addition to specialist course units on topics such as the philosophy of emotions and intentionality, logical properties and consciousness, as well as more advanced course units in physics.

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