Physics with Study in Europe (4 years) [MPhys]

This course combines a comprehensive study of physics with the opportunity to study abroad for one year, gaining a working knowledge of a European language and experience of a different culture.

You could attend universities in France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, sponsored by the ERASMUS programme, which aims to foster educational and cultural exchanges within Europe.

Course structure

In your first year, you will mainly follow the core physics course units with the addition of a language unit. Your language unit will include two lectures per week and is supplemented with language laboratories and tutorials as needed.

During your second year, you will again follow the core physics units, and replace two optional units with a language package designed to continue your development and introduce the more specialised vocabulary of physics.

You will spend your third year studying physics at a university in Europe, as part of the ERASMUS programme.

You will return to Manchester for your fourth year, where you can choose course units from a large list of options, including a number from other Schools in the University.

Did you know?

93% of students agree that this course is intellectually stimulating
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