Physics with Theoretical Physics (3 years) [BSc]

This degree is ideal for those who have a particular interest in the more mathematical and theoretical aspects of physics. It will provide you with a solid grounding in all aspects of physics, both theoretical and experimental, although a significant amount of practical work is replaced by lecture courses and project work in theoretical physics.

We have internationally-renowned theoretical physicists working in different areas of our School, including astronomy and cosmology, biological physics, high energy particle physics, condensed matter, complex systems, and nuclear physics.

Course structure

This course is based on core physics units, together with the theoretical physics option stream. Half of the core laboratory work is replaced by lecture course units and project work on theoretical physics and mathematics.

In your first two years, you will study subjects such as advanced mechanics, mathematical methods, and computing. In your third year you begin to specialise, and more of the course content can be directly related to theory. Here, the core material of your earlier years forms the foundation for advanced subjects such as quantum theory, electrodynamics, and general relativity.

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