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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Two graduates and solicitor discussing a paper around a desk

Careers and employability

A physics degree opens a path to a wide range of possible careers, from nuclear engineering to investment banking.

As a Patent Attorney, I put the physics I studied at Manchester to good use, but do so within a commercial context in the heart of London.

Michael Vallance, Graduate / Patent Attorney at Gill Jennings & Every LLP

Our physics courses develop you intellectually, striking a balance between training for industry or research and providing a general education in the sciences.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy works closely with the University's Careers Service; the career prospects for a Manchester physics graduate are flexible and exciting and you'll be in high demand whatever route you take.

Our Physics graduates have enjoyed a wide range of careers where they employ the knowledge and skills gained from their Physics degree. Careers for Physics graduates frequently involve work with engineering, computing and scientific firms; roles in finance, banking and management; and of course, further research. Our graduates attract high-profile and respected employers which have in recent years included the Bank of England, BAE Systems, KPMG, Lloyds Bank, Cisco Systems and Deloitte.

Physics graduates regularly achieve high early career earnings according to reports from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and the numerical literacy and transferrable skills attained by Physics students ensure that they are consistently in demand within the job market. Our Physics graduates earn an average salary of £28,435 fifteen months after graduation (The Graduate Marketing in 2020, High Fliers Research & latest Graduate Outcomes survey from students graduating in 2018/2019).

Further information can be found on the UK government's research and analysis for undergraduate degrees: labour market returns.